The Foundation for the Tri-State Community is committed to providing funding for our community’s non-profit organizations through grants from many different types of funds. In 2014 alone, we distributed $877,675.00 in grants to local charities, churches, schools and other entities.

A small portion of these grants were distributed through various competitive grant opportunities, listed on the right side of this page. We encourage interested applicants to contact us with questions regarding eligibility or the granting process.

Signage on the Chuck Ripper Trail at Harris Riverfront Park in Huntington, WV.
Signage on the Chuck Ripper Trail at Harris Riverfront Park in Huntington, WV

The  Huntington Dog Park in Ritter Park
The Huntington Dog Park in Ritter Park in Huntington, WV

To celebrate its 35th Anniversary, the Foundation announced a special grant competition in which one grant of $35,000 would be awarded to an interstate collaboration of tri-state organizations that developed a program or project to improve the quality of life in the tri-state area.

IMADE2 Project- Integrating Music, Arts, and Drama in Early Education

The project, a collaborative partnership among 11 early childhood care and education agencies in Cabell and Wayne counties in West Virginia; 5 in Lawrence County, Ohio; 1 in Greenup County, Kentucky; and 4 in Boyd County, Kentucky, provided art, music, and drama experiences for more than 400 pre-kindergarten children and their families in a year-long, intensive program. The project used a combination of professional performing arts consultants and community and school volunteers to provide a series of age appropriate, in-classroom instructional sessions for children, as well as intensive pedagogy workshops for early education staff members to enhance and institutionalize the instruction of the performing arts in their classrooms.

  • 35th Anniversary Grant
  • Cabell/Wayne Early Childhood Council (11)
  • Boyd County early childhood programs (5)
  • Lawrence County, Ohio Head Start Classrooms (5)
  • Developed a program to bring art and music appreciation into the Tri-State’s early childhood programs

35th Anniversary Grant Reception