Top ten reasons to give through a community foundation

  1. Local Emphasis  Our focus always has been, and always will be, the Tri-State region.
  2. Longevity – We provide a vehicle to leave your charitable legacy.
  3. Philanthropic Expertise  We provide customized charitable giving advice and resources.
  4. Simplified Giving – We can consolidate giving to multiple charities.
  5. Investment Impact – We multiply the investment impact of your gift by pooling funds in an actively managed portfolio.
  6. Verified Granting – We do the due diligence to ensure that grant recipients have valid tax-exempt status and that your charitable intentions are honored.
  7. Flexible Giving – We are equipped to receive a variety of complex assets.
  8. Tax Benefits – We maximize tax deductions and credits.
  9. Privacy – We provide donors the option of giving anonymously.
  10. Service – We will provide administrative support for all your giving and granting needs.

We strive to protect the privacy of our donors.  Our privacy policy is available upon request.