The Foundation’s mission

Community foundations enable individuals and businesses to establish charitable funds for the long-term benefit of residents in a defined geographic area. By raising, encouraging, administering and distributing gifts for educational, cultural, charitable and scientific purposes, the Foundation for the Tri-State Community strives to improve quality of life in the Tri-State region of eastern Kentucky, southwestern West Virginia and southern Ohio.

The Foundation represents all facets of its Tri-State community. Grants are made to diverse groups, ranging from arts and cultural organizations to social service agencies, environmental causes, scholarships, youth programs and much more.

Vision for the future

The Foundation’s vision for the future is filled with hope, promise and a belief that the Tri-State will continue to grow and prosper. The Foundation’s role is to build charitable endowments to support area schools, cultural institutions, charitable organizations, scientific initiatives and related activities – institutions that make the Ttri-State community a great place to live, work and play.

By establishing funds to enhance area institutions and address community challenges, the Foundation creates a buffer to preserve and protect the charitable infrastructure, regardless of business cycles or availability of outside funding.

Every need met through a charitable endowment provides stability and sustainability to the recipient organization or cause. Gifts are made through the Foundation, rather than to the Foundation, and maximize the charitable dollars flowing into the community.

Future growth

The Foundation’s primary goals for the future include:

  • Growing endowments to better meet the needs of the Tri-State community;
  • Working with donors to achieve their charitable goals and wishes through permanent support of institutions and causes held most dear; and
  • Facilitating charitable activities and projects that have an immediate impact on the region.