Huntington, West Virginia's Ritter Park fountain

About Us

Who we are

The Foundation for the Tri-State Community Inc. is an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt philanthropic corporation – and the community foundation serving the Tri-State area of eastern Kentucky, southwestern West Virginia and southern Ohio.


The Foundation works with and through as many individuals and organizations as possible to improve quality of life for the entire region. Foundation funds:

  • Assist those who need food, shelter, health care, education and/or technical training;
  • Celebrate the arts, encourage excellence in education and enhance the area’s natural beauty;
  • Care for animals by promoting responsible pet ownership, encouraging adoptions, providing free spay/neuter procedures and supporting local shelters and dog parks;
  • Afford maximum tax advantages;
  • Enable commingling of funds, helping to maximize returns and minimize risk through diversification and asset allocation;
  • Adhere to a donor’s wishes, with the knowledge and experience of the Foundation’s staff helping to ensure each gift is used most effectively;
  • Make it possible for successful individuals and businesses to “give back” to the community, with a gift that can be tailored to benefit many others;
  • Provide a loving legacy, sustaining institutions and charitable programs held most dear; and
  • Bridge generations. Because of the Foundation’s flexibility and permanence, each fund can be managed so that the gift’s original spirit and intent are honored in years to come.

Foundation advantages

As a community foundation, we enable our donors to achieve their charitable goals, support and strengthen non-profit organizations through our grants and technical assistance and improve the lives of our citizens.

The great advantages of community foundations are the flexibility and versatility they provide as charitable-giving vehicles. Foundations give donors opportunities to customize charitable gifts in meaningful ways, allowing them to make a long-term difference in institutions and causes held most dear. Coupled with tax advantages and flexibility in creating funds and exercising charitable giving options, community foundations are an agile means of philanthropy. They serve the donors, growing and protecting their charitable gifts now and in the future.