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Ironton native gives back to Tri-State

There’s an old saying in business, “All the money you’ll have tomorrow is in somebody else’s hands today.” For Guy Spriggs, partner at Triple Crown Beverage Group, that saying extends to charitable giving as well.

“All of the financial blessings I have are because of the people of the Tri-State,” said Spriggs, whose companies distribute beer, wine and energy drinks to 15 counties throughout the region. “If I decide to give back those blessings, it’s only appropriate that I give to the people of this area.”

Since beginning his career with the beverage distributor in 1976, the Ironton native has made giving back a priority. Spriggs has served on the boards of several nonprofits in the region, including the Ironton City Schools Foundation, founded by his father, and Ramey-Estep Homes, where he served as president and was recognized in 2003 with the congressional Angels in Adoption award. He and his wife Lisa sponsor scholarships for children of first responders and provide ongoing support to organizations serving the homeless, hungry and disadvantaged.

“The education and well-being of children in the Tri-State are two very important issues to me,” Spriggs said. “A friend told me once, ‘If you want to build a better America, you have to build better Americans.’”

In 2002, Spriggs established the Spriggs Family Foundation, a supporting organization of the Foundation for the Tri-State Community. As a supporting organization, the Spriggs Family Foundation receives public charity status through its affiliation with FTSC. FTSC handles administrative, investment and distribution tasks, while Spriggs continues supporting the organizations closest to his heart.

“It all comes down to who you want running your organization when you’re gone,” Spriggs said. “I’ve served on the Foundation board, and I’m familiar with the work they do. I know they’re qualified, capable and professional. I know they’re prudent with their investments, and they do good work in the community.”

Spriggs makes disbursements through the Spriggs Family Foundation to dozens of organizations in the area. Though he now resides in South Carolina, he said the Tri-State will always hold a special place in his heart.

“Just look at the resilience of this area,” he said. “We’ve lost industry. We’ve lost population. In 1970, Marshall lost an entire football team. There’s been tragedy throughout the region. But there’s also a no-quit attitude here. It’s inspiring, and it should be rewarded. When you support Foundation for the Tri-State, you’re helping out people in the Tri-State, people who’ve been through a lot and persevered.”