Huntington West Virginia's Ritter Park fountain

Downtown Blossoms Reflect a Community That Cares

The downtown flower baskets have been taken down to make room for the city’s Christmas decorations.  As the flower season comes to a close, it is time to give thanks to businesses and individuals who made this beautification initiative possible.  The flowers were purchased with donations from individuals and businesses who care about improving Ashland’s downtown.  Major sponsors included: Community Trust Bank, Marathon, Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, Andrew W. Jones and Richard and Frances Martin.  Additional sponsors include: Ashland Alliance, Ashland Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chuck and JoAnn Charles, Terry and Christi Clarke, Rannie and Charlene Cooper, Holly B’s Jewelry and Gifts, Brooke Elswick-Robinson, Kings Daughters Medical Center, Jonathan and Candy Lett, Newtech Systems, and L.D. and Cathy Wilson.
The City of Ashland supported the project by providing daily watering to keep the blooms beautiful.  The Southern Hills Garden Club pruned the baskets, strengthening the flowers and enhancing their beauty.  Without investment from community champions, the downtown beautification project would not be able to continue.
The Foundation for the Tri-State Community thanks all who have participated in this project the past three years, and looks forward to continuing this annual project to beautify downtown.  Ashland is seeing the fruits of the cooperation of individuals, businesses, and governmental entities working together to improve the quality of life. This joint effort is proof that Ashland is a community that cares.
To give towards next year’s flower baskets, you may donate to the “Ashland Beautification Fund” online at  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  For more information on this project, contact the Foundation for the Tri-State Community at [email protected] or (606) 324-3888.